Way of delivery

We have been switched to multiple languages for our webshop. We have translated our pages with Google translate. It may be that the translation is not 100%, but you will definitely understand what we mean.

If you have chosen to deliver at home, there are a number of possibilities:

  • Your order has been sent via parcel service


    If you are not at home at the time of delivery, a "no home card" will be left behind.
    A second delivery attempt will then automatically follow.
    If there is no one at home, you will receive a second "no home card".
    You then have 5 days to pick up the package at the nearest parcel shop (address is on card). Then the package comes back to us.
    On the day of delivery you can of course state on a note at the front door that the package can be delivered to the neighbors of house number ....
    Of course these neighbors sign for receipt.
  • Your order has been sent via our carrier 
    You will receive an e-mail the evening before the delivery day with the day part of delivery (blocks of 3 hours). This, of course, subject to unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions, traffic jams and engine trouble. 
    The truck will park as short as possible at the delivery address and the goods will be unloaded next to the vehicle. 
    The goods are delivered (if necessary) on a euro pallet. 
    We calculate a deposit for this. 
    You can return this euro pallet to your local pallet dealer.

You will receive an email on the day before delivery of us stating the shipping method.

New service: 
On the day of shipment you will receive an email with a track and trace link. This way you can use the internet where your package is located. In general, GLS delivers its package within 24 hours. (abroad 2 to 3 working days).

  • Pick up / Parcel Shop as an alternative delivery address 
    It is possible that our GLS driver can not deliver a package to a delivery address, for example because the recipient is not at home. In order to give you the opportunity to get your package quickly in your possession, you can choose to have it delivered to the nearest Parcel Shop. This way you or a person authorized by you can pick up the package at your convenience. A package will only be given on presentation of the Not Home Message or e-mail confirmation and a valid proof of identity. The package must be picked up at the Parcel Shop within five working days. If the package is not picked up, the GLS driver will take it back and the package will be returned to the sender.
  • FlexDelivery Service from GLS Netherlands. 
    Once a package has been ordered, the recipient receives an e-mail with the planned day with a time window of three hours. If the recipient knows in advance not to be at home, then there are two possibilities. Send the package to a GLS package shop and collect it when it suits, or have the package delivered to your home within five working days. If the package is delivered, but there is no one at home, the recipient can again adjust the delivery by e-mail. The package can be delivered another day, delivered to the neighbors, delivery to a GLS depot or pick-up in a package shop of your choice. The service is available to each individual recipient of GLS packages, provided that the sender also provides the addressee's e-mail address in the shipment details in addition to the delivery address.